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Our  Story


We are Brandon and Celisa Webster, owners of Luminary. Based in Nashville, TN, Luminary was founded in 2016, after Brandon took a part-time job as a cleaner. In doing so, he met our mentor who provided him with the information he needed to get our entrepreneurial goals in motion! We knew we wanted to be able to pass down a business to our children and help our community as well. It was that leap of faith that has gotten us to where we are now!  


Luminary has grown a lot since we first started. We started off only providing commercial cleaning services and now we offer Residential and Commercial power washing and residential cleaning services. Luminary believes in the following fundamental values: Integrity, Reliability, Service Excellence, Community Driven, and Transparency. Our purpose is to help our clients create a clean environment that allows them to maximize their time. It is our goal to provide our customers with a professional experience that is guided with quality and integrity. 

Like most other founders, entrepreneurship has always been something important to us. Entrepreneurship means generational wealth for our family, more job opportunities for the future, and more opportunities to give back to our community. 

Giving back to our community is important to us. We were both able to experience community programs growing up and those programs helped shape our childhoods. Currently, we are supporting Nashville Business Incubation Center. 

Illuminating Luxury and Cleanliness


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