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The Importance of Decluttering Your Space This Spring

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

As a company that provides residential cleaning and commercial cleaning, we want to remind our customers and prospective about the importance of removing clutter in your home. This Spring we want to explain how a decluttered and clean home can have a major positive impact on your life and how you feel. The Physical And Mental Health Benefits Of Decluttering It is well-known that eliminating clutter increases space availability and improves a location's aesthetic appeal. However, mental health professionals and healthcare providers also feel that a clean and decluttered space may also heighten one's physical and psychological well-being in many different ways including: Making The Surrounding Environment Safer A messy cluttered room, home, or office space can decrease the environment's safety. Floors, furniture, and closets that are filled to the brim with boxes or filled with papers and other forms of unnecessary things can pose fire hazards, can tumble on top of someone and cause injuries, or precipitate potentially serious falls. Improving One's Cognitive Abilities Individuals that are working from home from a desk or office spaces piled with documents, supplies, and other materials are often at an increased risk of losing their ability to focus because their surrounding atmospheres are so jumbled which can cause numerous distractions. Creating Greater Discipline Levels Maintaining a neat and tidy work or living space requires effort and, above all, discipline. Even small, seemingly minor clusters of clutter can rapidly grow into a major cluster of unknown items. We have realized that staying on top of even the slightest disorder requires lots of discipline! Once you get the hang of staying on top of decluttering, this characteristic can trickle down and ultimately help in other areas of your personal, professional, and social lives producing beneficial results. Adopting A More Jovial Mood Cluttered environments often create frustration, anger, and anxiety. Cleaner, neater surroundings are often easier to navigate through and more relaxing to work in and produce a happier, more friendly moods. We all know that after a long day of work coming home to a clean decluttered environment is the absolute best feeling. Improving Physical Health Stacks of boxes, papers, and other miscellaneous objects sitting around often can create breeding grounds for potential health-inhibiting substances like dirt and dust. Dust can be harmful to those who may suffer from allergies or asthma. Social Withdrawal Over time, a lot of clutter could even result in social withdrawal. Having a lot of things everywhere can cause embarrassment which may ultimately cause you to refrain from having friends or family over. This over time can cause social isolation. After the year we had in 2020, nobody has time for anymore isolation. Contacting Us Getting rid of your personal and professional clutter can result in significant improvements to your mental and psychological well-being. In instances where controlling clutter might become too overwhelming, our company will be glad to help. Our team possesses many years experience performing basic home cleaning, commercial cleaning, and advanced residential cleaning. Please contact us directly for additional information about the services we offer.

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